• Neighbourhood Plan Consultation (Regulation 14)
    Our Parish - Our Future - Our Say
    2011 - 2031
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  • The Neighbourhood Plan is based on the results of the 2017 Survey
    It contains policies and their supporting evidence, including the survey results. Not everything that was said in the survey translates into "Planning Considerations". This plan contains policies that, wherever possible, enforce or support the wishes of Preston parishioners.
  • It may be easier to read through the plan first and make a note of any
    paragraphs, text, objectives and policies you would like to return to.
  • The first 5 sections contain background information about Preston and how we
    Sections 6 to 11 (pages 21 to 43) define the policies - the essence of the plan.
    got to this stage in developing the Neighbourhood Plan.
    If, for any reason, you would rather not look at the whole document, you could
    just read and comment on the policies. You can submit more comments later.

Neighbourhood Plan Consultation (Regulation 14)

Monday 8 January to Sunday 18 February

The draft Preston Parish Neighbourhood Plan is now available for informal consultation under Regulation 14. This gives all of us (residents, businesses and other stakeholders) the opportunity to raise questions, make comments and express our support for the draft plan before the formal examination and consultation conducted by NHDC (Regulation 16).

Please read through the draft copy of the plan. You can view or download a copy following this link …

Preston Parish Neighbourhood Plan – draft version for the Regulation 14 Consultation

There is a paper copy of the plan available to read, during opening hours, in the Red Lion.
Paper copies of the plan will also be available to borrow for those who do not have internet access. For help or to borrow a copy please use the Contact the Steering Group form or call our help line on 01462 434403 (9am to 8pm)

… and respond with any comments (or express your support) using the form by following this link:

‘Regulation 14’ Consultation form

This is the last opportunity to have Your Say before the formal examination and consultation conducted by NHDC (Regulation 16).

There are a number of additional documents that are part of the statutory Neigbourhood Plan process. You can find the full set of documents by following these links:

Draft Consultation Statement (Regulation 14) – January 2018

Basic Conditions Statement (Regulation 14) – January 2018

Preston Neighbourhood Plan SEA Screening January 2018

If you need help with the consultation or have any questions about the Neigbourhood Plan please use the Contact the Steering Group form or call our help line on 01462 434403 (9am to 8pm).

What You Have Already Said

Survey and Results

The response in general, the volume and quality of information you have written has greatly exceeded expectations. The survey results were presented at a meeting on Sunday 30th April, held at Princess Helena College. Printed copies of the “Questionnaire Results” report from our market researchers were provided (one per household attending) at the meeting and then copies delivered to the remaining households in the parish.

Electronic copies of the Presentation from the Survey Results Meeting (complete with Questions and Answers,) the Survey Results Report and the questionnaires are available to download. These are all available as PDF files – please use the links on this page.

Meeting Presentation (including Questions and Answers) and Survey Results Report

Our Parish - Our Future - Our Say - "We Love Preston"

Preston Parish for the Under 10’s

As part of the survey, we also asked the under 10’s to draw and/or write what they like about living in Preston – their work seems to sum up that it is the rural setting and things you can enjoy in it, that we all say we like. Follow this link to the Portfolio Page to see larger copies.

First Review Draft of the

Vision and Objectives

The first draft of the Vision and Objectives were made available to review and comment on at Drop In Sessions on 5th and 7th October and via the website. An electronic copy of that version is available via this link

Vision and Objective Drop In Session