Introduction and Guidance Notes for The Online Consultation Comments Form


‘Regulation 14’ is the next stage of the process in creating our Neighbourhood Plan. This follows a review by an independent planning consultant and now gives all of us (residents, businesses and other stakeholders) the opportunity to raise questions, make comments and express support for the draft plan before the formal examination and consultation conducted by North Herts. District Council, (Regulation 16).

Guidance Notes:

In order for you to assist with this process, please review the Draft Plan document and note any comments you have on this comments form. Please try to be as succinct as possible. If you disagree with anything, we would be grateful if you could suggest an alternative. If you want to discuss any matter regarding the Draft Plan or Consultation Process with a member of the Steering Group please come along to one of the consultation sessions in:

The Village Hall
Thursday  11  January 6:30  -  8:30  pm
Saturday  13  January 10:00  -  12:00  am
Thursday  8  February 6:30  -  8:30  pm
Saturday  10  February  10:00  -  12:00  am

Alternatively you can contact the Steering Group using the Contact Page or call us on 01462 434403 (9am to 8pm).

The comments form requests certain personal details, so we can verify that comments are from eligible parties and act as moderator if needed. By responding to the survey you are asked to accept that your comments will form part of the public record, but we give you an undertaking that your identity will not be revealed as is required under the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.

The last page of this form has options for you to summarise your response. If you are happy with the draft and do not want to make any comments you can step through to the last page, select your summary response and click submit.

There is additional help and guidance for using this form at the bottom of the page.

On behalf of the Preston Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and our whole community, I thank you for your participation in the consultation process.

Wally Steele
Steering Group Chairman


Clicking on this link will ask your browser to open a copy of the plan document in a new tab or window –
Preston Parish Neighbourhood Plan – draft version for the Regulation 14 Consultation



Help and Guidance

Can I have a copy of the plan open as well as this form?

Yes. There are many different ways that people like to work, so these are just some suggestions:

Most web browsers let you have different pages or documents open in separate windows or tabs. You can usually open a new tab or window from the menu or by using right or option click on the link and selecting something like “open in new window”.

  • The draft plan can be downloaded to your device (computer, tablet, phone) and then opened using a PDF viewer application.
  • You can switch between tabs, windows or applications – often with a keyboard shortcut (note the keys may be different depending on whether you use Windows, Apple, Android or Linux).
  • If you have a big screen you can even put the form and the plan next to each other in separate windows.
  • Of course, you can always print off your own copy of the plan and make notes on it first.

How do I make the comment boxes bigger?

You can change the size of a comment box by dragging the bottom right hand corner.
(Dragging varies according to device: with a mouse you click and hold the button down on the corner and move the mouse; on some touch screens you hold your finger on the screen and then drag your finger to required position.)

Who is eligible to respond?

The “target group” of respondents is residents of the parish, businesses and organisations (including local government and statutory bodies) that have a stake in or responsibility for the parish. However, anyone who has a genuine stake or interest may respond – please make sure you say in what capacity you are responding.

The consultation is for individuals to respond. Not everyone in the same household may agree on everything. Different people in an organisation may have different perspectives depending on what they do.

The Steering Group has a responsibility to make sure that only responses from real people and organisations are included. Anonymous responses will not be accepted, nor will any comments containing inflammatory or offensive remarks.

I don’t have any comments to make, why should I respond?

We would like to know if you agree and support the plan. There is an option on the last page to say you agree with everything that you have not commented on.

I’m not good with computers, can I have help?

Yes of course. If you have somebody you trust they can help you enter your response, or if you would prefer one of the Steering Group will help. We also have a small number of paper copies if you need to borrow one. See the letter on the first page of this form for contact details and dates for consultation sessions in the Village Hall.

What if I want to change what I have written after submitting my response?

The software we are using (Caldera Forms) collates responses and lets us sort and group by your personal details. You can submit another response with any additional or revised comments. We will be able to see from the time of your response which is the most recent and merge them together accordingly.

Can I save what I have written and come back later?

We are using the free version of Caldera Forms which does not allow for save and return. However, the same as if you wanted to change a response you can submit a partial response, start again from the next section and submit that.