What started off as a simple Wordsearch or “Spot the Difference” for the Under 10’s information sheet seems to be growing. Part of this was because members of the steering group felt that children aged 10 to 90+ years might like to join in the fun.

The result is the Preston Parish Puzzles Pages. (The first one being the tongue twister “Preston Parish Puzzle Pages”.)

A number of different puzzles will be appearing here over the coming days and months. They will  vary in difficulty and type – all having some connection to our parish. “Just because Wal thinks a puzzle is Harder or Challenging doesn’t mean you will – have a go and tell us what you think!”, Rae

Easier Puzzles

I Like Crows
Spot the Difference with 5 things to find


Our Snowmen
Spot the Difference with 10 things to find


Things seen around Preston
Wordsearch – 12 words in a 6 by 8 grid, words go across and down

Thumbnail of the puzzle


Some People Connected with Preston
Wordsearch – 14 words in an 11 by 11 grid, words go across and down


Our Parish – Our Snowman

Jigsaw 20 pieces

Our Parish - Our Snowman


Feeding the Fields

Jigsaw 35 pieces

fertiliser spreading


Who’s this just flown in to Chequers Cottages

Jigsaw 35 pieces with rotation

Stop the Crow Scaled

Harder Puzzles

The village green pond on a rainy day
Jigsaw – 150 pieces, with rotation

Pond in the Rain
How to rotate jigsaw pieces is explained at the bottom of this page


Our Parish – Our Snowman

Jigsaw 182 pieces

Our Parish - Our Snowman - HarderSnowman-jigsaw-v0c

Challenging ?

Our Parish – Our Snowman

Jigsaw 182 pieces, with rotation

Our Parish - Our Snowman - HarderSnowman-jigsaw-v0c
How to rotate jigsaw pieces is explained at the bottom of this page


Some places in the Parish

Wordsearch – 22 words in a 16 by 10 grid, words go across, down, diagonal and backwards

Red Admiral Butterfly

Jigsaw 120 pieces, a complex cut with rotation

IMG_1294 Red Admiral

Seen on a gravel drive next to Hitchin Road, September 2016

How to rotate jigsaw pieces is explained at the bottom of this page



Hmm, we are still working on these! Have we got any puzzle setters in our parish? Would you like to help us? Please Contact the Steering Group if you would.

About the Jigsaw Puzzles

Clicking the link or picture for jigsaws will take you to a website called Jigsaw Planet, where we have set up our jigsaw puzzles.

For each puzzle we tell you how many pieces it is set for and if it is “with rotation”. Rotation means you will have to turn some of the pieces round to find how they fit. If the we don’t say “with rotation” the pieces are always the right way round.

How to rotate jigsaw pieces

Using a Mouse or Touchpad
  • Select the piece with a left click as though you are going to drag it, then right click to rotate the piece clockwise or hold the Ctrl key down and right click to rotate anticlockwise.
  • Use the scroll wheel on the mouse (some touchpads have a scroll strip which might also work). It is probably easier for you to experiment with which scroll direction turns the piece in which direction than it is to explain.
Using Touch (as on on a tablet or phone)
  • When a piece is dragged or selected using a touch device left and right rotate buttons appear – each time the button is touched it rotates the piece a quarter turn in the direction on the button.

More jigsaw options

At the bottom of the puzzle board you will find a row with useful buttons. Using our own labels to explain what they do, the buttons are:

Ghost provides a faint image of the completed puzzle that you can lay your pieces out over.
Arrange re-arranges the pieces you have not attached yet around the board in one of two different styles.
Settings includes changing the background colour, turning off sounds as well as  help – which is actually a User Guide for different devices (PC’s Tablets, Phones, etc).

Disclaimer: The Steering Group are not responsible for the content or operation of any of the external websites on which we have set up puzzles for you. Please let the steering group know if you find a problem or think something bad has happened to the puzzles we have set up.